Do I Have Wide Feet?

Posted by Melissa Epifano on

When introducing Winnoh to lovely new faces, the most common question we get asked is some variation of: "Do I have wide feet?" or "I don't know if I have wide feet; how do I find out?"

The industry makes it complicated and many women unknowingly have wide feet and simply settle for uncomfortable shoes. (Or they know they have wide feet and compromise their personal sense of style for shoes that fit but completely disregard what women actually want to wear.)

So, do you have wide feet?

How do you find out if you have wide feet? By measuring—and it's not complicated.

Check out this handy video on how to measure if you have wide feet. Once you've done so, there is a chart below to compare your measurements to. Just found out that you have wide feet? Welcome to the club, gorgeous!

Foot Measuring Guide



Wide Foot Measurement Chart

Find your US shoe size below and the inch measurement you recorded when measuring. Then see what category that combination falls under. That's it! This chart is not Winnoh's sizes, but rather a guide to give you an idea of if you would do better in a wide width shoe.

Note: Right now Winnoh will be creating Wide shoes and at the moment we are working on creating several different widths. In fact, there is no standard sizing, so we have to start from scratch and try to construct the best widths for multiple feet. It takes some time to create wide width shoes so bear with us as we revamp this outdated industry together! 

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