About Winnoh

Winnoh was created to prioritize women with wide feet and provide stylish footwear options that properly fit. Made in Portugal and designed between the US and UK, Winnoh has a “wide feet-first” ethos. The first line of shoes launched in 2022, with the aim of expanding into multiple widths and additional sizes.

Historically, in fashion and footwear, smaller, thinner, and narrower are prized but certainly do not represent all of us. Anyone who stands outside the norm is neglected and this is evident when it comes to shoes, too. Despite most women having wide feet (meaning they’re actually the majority, not a niche group), this sizing problem remains.

Though open-toed mules are the first product to launch, exciting things are just around the corner.


At Winnoh, we design, craft, and construct with a wide foot in mind first and foremost. Wide feet are not an afterthought here but a priority.

There is a huge need for shoes that properly fit women with wide feet. Throughout our search, we came across many factories and suppliers who didn't quite understand what we had in mind. After many prototypes and tweaks, the first style of mule was created, made to comfortably hug a wide foot without causing pain.

Winnoh celebrates wide feet. We know that women with wide feet have impeccable style, too. Winnoh, waves away the notion that wide-fit shoes need to be clunky, outdated, and humble. In essence, we've cut that all out and have created simple, elegant shoes that fit in seamlessly with your wardrobe (and just so happen to fit your feet, too).

Born with wide feet, Winnoh's founder Melissa Epifano knows all too well the pain of not having shoes that fit properly. She was hopeful for a chic wide-fit shoe brand to materialize but found after years of struggling to find shoes that met her style and width standards, it wasn’t going to happen.

Instead, she set out to build it herself. Now, Winnoh aims to create a varied range of shoes for women of all wide widths and sizes.


Winnoh works closely with a small family-owned factory in Portugal. The workspace is always alive, welcoming, and buzzing with energy. Each shoe is handmade with love and care and crafted out of quality, Leather Working Group-certified leathers.

Made for Wide Feet

All shoes are made with a wide foot-first approach.

Crafted in Portugal

Comfortable and handmade with love.

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